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Why Drone Spray Otago?

Empowering New Zealand Farmers


Drone Spray Otago is a family owned company setup by Kurt Schierning. Our base is Waitati, Dunedin however we are fully setup to travel with our custom made trailer.

I grew up on a sheep and beef farm, which was my first passion, and eventually I got into aviation. I have since been a Commercial Helicopter Pilot for the last 21 years flying all over New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Canadian Arctic and Antarctica.

After moving to assist on a family farm, I saw an opportunity to provide a drone service.

As a NZ CAA approved operator my goal is to provide a professional, efficient and effective service.

We're experts in our field

With a rural and aviation background, Drone Spray Otago’s mission is to discuss with clients their needs and make a plan to achieve what they want.

We aim to provide efficient, effective and productive operations.

How we can help

Tailored Drone Application
Tailored Drone Application

Drone Spray Otago can customise our services to meet your specific needs and deliver the desired results.

No job is too big or too small for us. We can safely operate in steeper terrain that is difficult on foot or too dangerous for ground operations. And we can operate in areas that are costly for a helicopter.

Contact us today to discuss your plans.

Efficiency Meets Accuracy
Efficiency Meets Accuracy

Our drone is the XAG P100 Pro, which we strongly feel is the premier drone for our operation.

With multiple options of mapping, we can provide centimetre accuracy, therefore increasing efficiency while using less product.

With a 50 litre payload for spraying, the P100 Pro can produce up to 22 litres per minute with a droplet size of 60—500 microns. We can adjust the flight speed, height and swath to achieve the desired result.

For fertiliser application we have a 50kg payload and can apply over 1 ton per hour.

Advanced Aerial Treatments
Advanced Aerial Treatments

We offer a wide range of aerial treatments to meet your requirements:

  • Spraying - farmland, forestry, pre planting spot spraying.

  • Fertiliser application - liquid and dry.

  • Seed Spreading.

  • Industrial and residential roof mould cleaning.

  • Solar panel mould cleaning.

  • Glass/plastic house whitewash application.

See our drones in action

Experience the precision and versatility of our drones in action. From rugged terrains to sensitive environments, watch how our advanced drones enhance agricultural and industrial operations with unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

See firsthand how we harness the latest in drone technology to deliver bespoke solutions that save time, reduce costs, and boost productivity

Trusted by Farmers Nationwide

Drones are a vital tool for agriculture. They are efficient, effective and productive. Drones can operate on farms and residential areas with minimal impact to the surrounding environment due to the low noise signature. That is important on farms when it comes to reducing impact on stock and your neighbours. They also have a very small carbon footprint.
Trusted by Farmers Nationwide

Contact us

Whether you're looking to improve agricultural productivity, tackle challenging terrain, or need precision application services, we're ready to discuss your needs and explore how our drones can make a difference.

Call us today or fill out the contact form to learn more about our customisable solutions, or for a quote designed to fit your unique requirements.

Kurt Schierning

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